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CureCoin GPUGRID Team  

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Join Team CureCoin on GPUGRID for more computational contributions. This is one of the top projects we are looking at for CureCoin 2.0 Integration.

GPUGRID's goal is similar to that of F@H in the pursuit of medical discoveries.

We will soon be offering curecoins just for community inolvment and testing new grounds with us as we move closer to the 2.0 platform. It's a good time to brush up on some new DCN's 😉

Posted : 06/07/2015 4:17 pm
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I've had a look at this and like the sound of it, but I think I'll stick to f@h atm for the following reasons.:

1. It doesn't appear that the gpugrid software/client runs properly on multiple gpu's. - My main folding machines are 2 and 3 gpu setups, with GTX960's and 970's

2. The software/client is based around CUDA, hence Nvidia only. A beta app for AMD was released, but is more of a hybrid cpu/gpu client. - My single gpu machine has an AMD gpu!

3. For me personally, it seems I can do more science by sticking with f@h for now.



Posted : 06/07/2015 6:13 pm