mining rigs- sufficient psus?  

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Hi folks

Been using the nicehash and other calculators. Seems like mining is still profitable (if not...please let me know)

Running 3xgtx680's for a few days, after electricity, seems like they're generating ~$1.80/day in profit. Thinking of putting together 3 additional mining setups...2 with existing cards, the 3rd with some gtx1060's (those seem the best price-performance mining cards atm) but have a few questions before pulling the trigger.

Here's what I'm thinking:
- Rig 1: 3x680's. Figure it's profitable so will just let it run.
- Rig 2: gtx 980 + gtx 960. Will use an existing mobo/ram/case. Need psu.
- Rig 3: 3x hd7970. Need psu.
- Rig 4: asrock h110 btc, cheapo cpu, 6x gtx1060. Build from scratch so need all parts. If my calculations are correct, this system will pay for itself in 8-9 months. questions:
- Is mining indeed still profitable? Think so but have read others saying no.
- What's the minimum psu wattage to support rigs 2-4? Would like a little room for so could add additional cards to Rig 4. The cards for rigs 2-3 max out those mobo pci-e slots so no need for expansion on those. Specific psu recommendations definitely welcome.
- For the asrock board...the pci-e slots are very tight together. What part do people use that plugs in the board's pci-e slots and allows plugging in a videocard to an external slot or something?

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Posted : 08/11/2017 5:21 am

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