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[Sticky] CureCoin 2.0 Public Beta - Sneak Peak -

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Hey everyone, here is a sneak-peak at cc2.0 beta for anyone who's interested!


It should work on any platform, and is built using Java 8. On Windows you should be able to double-click on the daemon, client, and miner. On *nix and macOS, you can run them from the command line: "java -jar /path/to/daemon.jar", etc. Run the daemon first, the client 2nd, and the miner 3rd if you want to try to mine. Cheers!

It's obviously a testnet, the tokens on it are obviously worthless, so don't trade them for real money/value, and these are not real Curecoins!

Here be dragons:

  • - Nodes sometimes desync, especially on flaky internet
  • - Sending tons of transactions is a good way to crash the client

If you get a crash or anything, please give us the stack trace or relevant part of the log

Use java 8 , start the daemon, then client , then optionally the miner (this is a testnet - cpu only) and choose an amount of cores. This is using a fixed difficulty until the certificate system can replace it.

Post your address to exchange with other testers

Wallet Commands:

  • send <amount> <destination>
  • getinfo
  • getbalance <address>
  • submittx <rawtx>
  • submitblock <block>
  • gethistory <address>
  • getblock <blocknum>
  • getblockfromhash <blockhash>
  • gettransactions
  • gettransactionsreadable
  • gethistory <address>
  • connectopeer <host> <port>
  • resync


Topic starter Posted : 25/08/2017 4:15 pm