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Browns defensive end Myles Garrett roughed up NFL officials.The No. 1 overall pick unloaded on officials on Friday Womens Austin Ekeler Jersey , criticizing them for several calls that have gone against Cleveland in recent weeks and swung momentum in their games."Do your job just like we need to do our job," Garrett said. "If it's holding, call holding. If it's a false start, false start, whether it's us or them."Garrett spoke out unafraid of any consequences from the league, which is sensitive about players criticizing its officiating crews."If I get fined, so be it," he said. "Something needs to be said. If it keeps on going this way, this route, where it seems like we keep on getting the short stick."Garrett has issues with a number of calls, but he was particularly peeved about a play in the second quarter of last Sunday's 38-14 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers.With the Chargers driving, Los Angeles left tackle Russell Okung clearly moved and dropped into pass protection before the ball was snapped. Garrett stopped rushing Okung, and several other players slowed in anticipation of a whistle. But nothing was called, the play continued and Philip Rivers threw a 29-yard touchdown pass.So what should have been a false start instead became a touchdown."It was so obvious Youth Brandon Mebane Jersey ," Garrett said. "To my mind, he's moved, nobody else has moved and the ball hasn't moved, so it's kinda textbook. The flag should be up. I don't understand how you don't see it. That's his job is to look down the line and see when people are jumping offside or false starting, but I've got to keep on finishing the play."And while the score put the Chargers up by 18 in a game they'd win by 24, Garrett said a different outcome on the play could have changed things."Momentum matters in the game," he said. "No doubt. And a six-point turnaround, a seven-point turnaround like that where it could've been a sack or maybe a forced fumble if you keep on playing, or just a no play at all, to a touchdown, that's a huge difference. There were a couple missed calls like that, and that's not on Okung, he's just doing his job."It's on the ref and to him to have that kind of integrity to call that play when it comes."Garrett also referenced the Sept. 30 game at Oakland when a strip sack of Derek Carr was nullified by a quick whistle. The Browns scooped the apparent fumble and were running for a TD when the officials ruled Carr was in the grasp.NFL senior vice president of officiating Al Riveron later acknowledged the crew made the wrong call.Garrett said there were other instances, and he just wants there to be fairness."If it's holding for them Womens Michael Schofield Jersey , if they're grabbing us, if they're turning us, if they're trying to pull us out of a gap whether it's a run play or a pass play, it needs to be called," he said. "There's no excuse for us. We need to get their hands off of us and we need to play ball, because we know they're not going to get those kind of calls, but at the end of the day, if they see it, they need to pull the flag out." Top 10 Chargers plays of the 2018 regular season - Tyler SchoonThe Chargers are officially 12-4 at the end of the 2018 season, making them one of the best fifth- seed Wild Card teams in recent years. In a year that saw miraculous comebacks, clutch performances, and sensational scores, the Chargers have a long list of highlight plays, many of which will be highlighted here.NFL playoffs confidential: Players and coaches talk strategy Authentic Keenan Allen Jersey , tell all - ESPN"The best way is pressure him in the middle of the field. Rivers doesn’t like to exit the pocket toward the sideline to make a play. He’s far more comfortable backing up to buy time or to avoid pressure or to climb the pocket and make the throw."Chargers rookie Derwin James: 'I bring my own energy' - Eric Williams"He brings a lot of energy," Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn said. "Not just on the football field, it's also just walking down the hallways [at the facility]. I love that guy. He loves football. He's very passionate about what he does."Final rookie rankings: A new name at the top - Jeff LegwoldThis was practically a tie as James, too, was a key piece in a playoff puzzle. The Chargers embraced his versatility, especially when defensive end Joey Bosa missed time with a foot injury in the first half of the season and James was used as a pass-rusher.Chargers’ personnel will be key against the Ravens - Brian GarciaNow, this personnel switch may not be a popular opinion, because if Jenkins is on the field he needs to be in the box which may put our best defender in a tough position. Derwin James has been lights out for the Chargers all season long, and he has lined up everywhere on the field, but for the biggest game of the year so far, which is probably going to be a battle in the trenches we will need Derwin as a free safety.Week 17 NFL Team of the Week - Gordon McGuinnessPhillips was targeted seven times in coverage in the win over the Broncos, allowing just two receptions for 16 yards. That resulted in an NFL passer rating allowed of 39.6 in coverage and helped Phillips to his highest graded performance of the season.Chargers S Derwin James named PFF’s Defensive Rookie of the Year - Cam MellorHe was a threat in coverage just as much as he was a threat when he rushed the passer, recording near-elite grades in both categories this season. James’ 89.7 coverage grade finished third among his peers while his 86.0 pass-rush grade was the second-best among safeties who rushed the passer at least 30 times in 2018.Social Media Information:BFTB Facebook Page: Click here to like our pageBFTB Twitter: Follow @BFTB_ChargersThe Lightning Round Twitter: Follow @Lightning_RoundThe Lightning Round Facebook: Click here to like our pageBFTB Manager: Richard Wade: Follow @RichardWade Wholesale NFL Jerseys

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