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[Sticky] Stake your Claim (balance the network, earn more coins)

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Just a friendly reminder - CureCoin has a Proof of Stake component which helps you earn extra coins while helping the network stay balanced and secure.


If your wallet is encrypted, it's a good idea to open it for staking every now - and then. The link above talks about more details.

Topic starter Posted : 17/10/2015 8:49 am
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This is a good reminder post thanks 🙂

Basically "minting pos(proof of stake)" as its coins by crypto coin enthusiasts is a technical term for your wallet gets interest just like it would at a bank, all you have to do is unlock your encrypted wallet for "minting" only with the commands in above post.

When your client runs it strengthens the network and increases sync speeds. For this your wallet earns interest as you leave it open. It consumes very little electricity to keep your wallet open and very little pc resources unlike pure proof of work crypto coins. If your computer is on, you should be able to run your curecoin client in the background with no disturbances at all(except the little notification when you earned interest and how much you earned that time 🙂 ).

Posted : 19/10/2015 3:43 am