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cloud folding support needed  

New Member Customer

I purchased ppd, so I trust that everything is automatic and I would see curecoin in the assigned address when I bought it.


Question is, if I want to change the payout address?

And payouts are done everyday or is there a minimum withdrawal amount?

can you add 2fa verification to the cloud folding site?

can you provide a customer support email address at the site? The reason I'm here is because I can't see a way to ask anyone at the cloud folding site.

i hope someone answers soon

Posted : 09/08/2017 4:14 am
Reputable Member Customer

If you need to change the payout address send an email to 

There is a min payout of .01 CURE so if your have a low PPD instance it may only pay every other day if difficulty continues to raise. 

Currently 2fa is enabled for the admin side, I will look into where that option is for registered users.

Thanks for folding with us 🙂


Posted : 15/08/2017 1:54 pm