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Rank #2 on [email protected]  

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Fellow folders! Tell your friends you're on a great team that is now ranked #2 in the world! Congrats everyone for folding with the Curecoin system.

We've finally hit rank #2 on the [email protected] network! I say finally because as the "team captain" of the folding team Curecoin I remember looking at that goal and saying" Wow that's a far time away still before we achieve that". Now that its here it seems to have come pretty quick! Less then 3 years since Curecoin was launched we rallied together an amazing team and changed the world of distributed computing.

Entering the new year it looks like Curecoin price is likely to get a trickle effect from the soaring price of bitcoin. With bitcoin getting close to the 1000$ mark again cryptocurrency is a technology that demands the attention of the world. The use cases for cryptocurrency are arguably endless. I'm usually pretty optimistic with my predictions of where Curecoin will end up on the leader boards. Our history is showing a heavy bias that we will be eventually taking rank #1. We have a lot of ground to cover before we can make that last pass into first place. I think the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency will work in our favor as Curecoin continues to function and expand. Meanwhile the core team has been gaining traction with some improvements for our digital crusades.

Cheers and fold on everyone! Have fun and be safe while celebrating the new year 2017!

Posted : 30/12/2016 3:31 am