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I had a Coinbase BTC wallet as a trial wallet and Curecoin did not go out to it. So I used the Cure coin wallet and set the payout to manual and was going to do a trial exchange later, when I returned to the computer the payout [for 60 Cure coin] already executed! I discovered that the Cure coin wallet needs to update/download so I can verify the transaction. why did it execute at 60.~? i have ever only played with it up to 150, sorry highest is 99.99?

Posted : 10/03/2017 6:29 am
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Auto payout just automatically paid out outside of the auto-payout parameter I set- 99.9
only once did it pay out correctly. [105.x] Is this safe to use? The first payout went automatically without auto set. [or the 2nd one] is there a way to get this to work correctly.? On my end all I do is weekly regular maintenance. dickclean,checkdisk,sfc/av-malware...why does it pay out? 😮

Posted : 01/04/2017 11:45 am