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graphical PPD comparison  

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Dear fellow folder,

knowing that this team has quite a number of high performance folder I would like to ask your help for a little side project I recently started:

graphical PPD comparison which can be reached under

What is does is based on provided log files from other users it collect the hardware, project and TPF information and put it into a database and visualize the data in a graph. You can easy compare how different hardware perform for projects.

But: it all depend on input from the community; thats why I would need your help and to provide your log files to the write-only Dropbox mentioned on the site above (and for your convenience: )

I'm locking primary for AMD hardware as it seems under-represented in GPU and CPU list; but eventually I would appreciate all kind of log files.

As for privacy: the passkey as the most critical information is not visible in the log file and the site will not show donor/team information (though donor/team are stored in the database).

Thank you in advance for contributing performance data for the community !

Posted : 08/04/2017 4:03 pm
Reputable Member Customer

Nice work on this. Just FYI to anyone reading this ChristianVirtual is an active tester and developer with [email protected] so please send your logs if you can.

@ChristianVirtual post a curecoin address and Ill send along some curecoins that you can hand out for logs and some for yourself for being a generally kick ass member of the [email protected] community. 🙂

Posted : 17/04/2017 9:22 pm
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Posted : 15/05/2018 7:24 pm