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Bounties 4-21-2017
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Bounties 4-21-2017  

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Im launching a fresh round of bounties for the community to collaborate and compete for. Remember that creativity is a key for us in this stage of Curecoin. The first bounty is simply being called "The Creative Challenge".

Bounty 1 - Creative Challenge - 1000 Curecoins to 1st place, 500 Cure to 2nd, 250 Cure to 3rd.
This can be anything as long as its legal and lets aim for morally correct too! For ideas on what the core team has been doing check out our Facebook or Twitter pages. Original ideas preferred but consider looking at projects that other coins have that Cure has yet to launch. There are a lot of neat coin projects on github that can be re-purposed for use with Cure also.
To claim this bounty we need something that the submitter can either make happen on their own or at least start the process or outline it in detail.
Voting for the challenge projects will take place here on the forum. Start a new topic when you are ready to post it and link that thread here. To vote you must be have 100k PPD average or more.
No PPD is required to submit an idea. Voting requirements may be lowered if there is demand for it.

Bounty 2 - "How to" Videos, Pictures, or written instructions for all things Curecoin. 3x bounties @ 250 Curecoins , 5x bounties @ 100 Curecoins per bounty.
One of the most important items to attract new folders are good instructions for getting started. The bounty can be claimed with just one method of sharing the instructions whether its a video or set of pictures etc. It does not need to be both / all three although that could be a good way to get a few bonus coins out of this bounty. The core team will choose the winners in this category.
Some ideas to get you started
Platform specific instructions. Linux, windows, mac all work a bit differently. If you have mastered your installation for a specific OS then please share!
Instructions on how to buy Curecoins. A lot of people ask how. A guide they can refer to in this process with help a lot of people complete a buy for their investment into Curecoin.
Have another idea? Make it so!

Bounty 3 - Social media / promotional material . 10x 50 Curecoin Bounties.
For those with some GFX design skills, let make some eye catching pictures to use on social media to get new folders interested. The core team will choose the winners in this category. If lots of good ideas are posted we will pay out extra bounties.
Requirements: No copyrighted material / plagiarism

For all bounties feel free to send your submission via private message if you want to keep it private for now or while its worked on.

Let me know if anyone has additional items they would like to see bounties posted for.

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