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DigitalOcean provide support with CureCoin

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I am running an ecommerce store and now I am planning to start my carrier as a full time crypto miner. However, I can't try my hands with the cryptocurrency like bitcoin as it is too late to start investing in that. Although a friend of mine has recommended me CureCoin. My question is that whether it supports DigitalOcean or not. 

Actually, I am using digitalOcean web hosting server from years through third party manged hosting providers like Cloudways and It's my first priority to use it for CureCoin as well.

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Topic starter Posted : 04/02/2019 7:28 am

You need to keep in mind that Curecoin is now 100% PoS with no way to mine the coin directly. Curecoin also does not own or control the F@H Control software, which is currently the only way to earn CURE through a method similar to PoW. if you have any questions about that software's support you can ask the people on and see if they can help you set that up.

also these forums are currently under 100% moderation as the team has found that Discord has been a much easier and faster platform to keep in touch with the Curecoin community and help support them with any questions or problems that they have. so if you haven't yet i would hop on and see if people there can help you.

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