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Cloud Mining Contract Test

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I've  got a Contract of 46.5117 GH/s i've payed 0.01 BTC for testing
It started 00:00 29/12/2016
I' earned in 2 days 0.00004580 BTC. It seems ok.
The problem is that I can't withdraw until I've got 0.01 BTC, this because the minergate wallet don't let withdraw until mined 0.01 BTC and my satoshi are trapped in the contract for at least 430 days ..
I don't see no withdraw limit in the terms of condition, and no warning !
So ... there is a Money Back Guarantee in Cloud Mining Contracts?
Pay attention ! If you want withdraw 0.01 BTC monthly you need to pay a contract at least 0.15 BTC and 700GH/s of hash power

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Topic starter Posted : 08/05/2018 2:24 pm