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Mila Kurucova

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My grandmother Mila, along with her mother (my Great Grandmother) took care of me while my parents were refugees waiting for political asylum in the United States.

After a lifetime of health issues, Mila lost her life at 58 after multiple rounds of radiation, years of chemotherapy and exploratory surgeries. Some tumors extracted toward the end of her life were the size of oranges.

Suspect constant exposure to caustic printing chemicals during her working life as a source of her cancers.

Topic starter Posted : 31/12/2014 10:35 pm
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Wuffy68 has become a larger part of curecoin since this post. We took a trip to the BTC Miami conference, he did an amazing job representing CureCoin at the conference.

We all owe Ivan AKA Wuffy68 a respective tip of the hat.

My respects go out to you and your family.

If you follow his twitter account you might know a little more about how his loved ones have been affected by other illnesses, I'll leave it up to him if he cares to even vaguely explain in his own words why people with the means to fold should fold what they can, or the effects of in general he has seen that illness causes. He is a great forum moderator while I have seen the deeper philosophical side of him, I dont expect him to share much on my accord because we have talked a lot, community support is much bigger than just me though. Please drop a note of respect to him.

Again, many thanks and much respect to you and yours

Posted : 28/04/2015 5:09 am