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The FoldingCoin Inc. team and the Curecoin team have recently had a conference call to discuss each of the projects. Though the infrastructure and protocols used for each coin differ, FoldingCoin Inc. and Curecoin are both dedicated to attracting more folders and miners into the [email protected] project.

Both teams openly shared different ideas of how to approach gaining more adoption to [email protected] and the various projects and features each are working on. The main goal here is to stop wasting energy on Altcoins that use energy for creating copycat Bitcoin blockchains.

Curecoin has made the decision to allow for longer usernames on their team (now limited to 50 characters, i.e. johnsmithII_ALL_2Hf6D8GHxDNJFVkaVk5RJrX6BhUB9Gx3zF <- this is your FLDC address, not to be confused with your CURE address on cryptobullionpools). This will allow FLDC participants to earn CURE alongside of FLDC and the other Merged Folding tokens on the FoldingCoin Inc. platform. Both teams decided that this would be a great option for the Folders looking to acquire both, as our teams are here for you the Folder and the [email protected] network as a whole. Due to the nature of the way FLDC and CURE are distributed, you cannot earn CURE if you are on any team but the Curecoin FAH team 224497.

FoldingCoin Inc. will continue to develop Bitcoin 2.0 technology and smart assets to be applied to [email protected] and Curecoin will continue to develop making strides in advancing independent blockchain technology to be applied to [email protected] FoldingCoin Inc. and Curecoin look forward to continuing a positive relationship sharing our ideas and accomplishments along the way with each other in hopes that it will attract further miners to become Folders.

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Happy folding!

Many thanks to all the team members at Foldingcoin and Curecoin for all the hard work.

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