Results of the New Logo Contest

The submissions were arrayed, the votes tallied, and the results were – more troublesome than expected.

The Logo Contest was started by some motivated community members who weren’t happy with the current logo. The Dev Team didn’t have a problem with the current logo, but in the spirit of community the logo contest was allowed to grow. One dev even contributed the lion’s share of the reward, and we hosted the poll on the website. Still, this was a community effort, community funded and driven. The results were not meant to be binding.

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Update 5/30

By LasersHurt

It’s been about a week, so it’s surely time for another brief update from the CureCoin team. Here’s how we’re hanging:

Community News

On the forum, there’s a new section called “Marketing.” Users are putting together information to help spread information about CureCoin’s merits.

One such effort is a fundraiser to send a CureCoin delegation to a booth at The North American Bitcoin Conference’s 2014 conference in Chicago on July 19th & 20th. Check this out, as it’s a great opportunity to get the CureCoin word out to a lot of valuable people. If you can, donate a little bit to the fundraiser to help us get there.

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What exactly am I folding?

So you’re on-board, you’re folding, and you’re excited to help – but you simply must know, what ARE you folding? What are the technical processes going on back there, and how does the science get done?

Dan Ensign has written a great piece called “Runs, Clones and Gens” on the [email protected] Wiki that gives great detail about how work is generated.

Language Bounties

Come out and play, Translators, as it’s time for us to step up our efforts for our international visitors. We’re putting out a bounty in the name of good communication!

You may have noticed that there is now a Google Translate feature on each page – this is good, but not perfect. To go the extra mile, we need fluent, native translations of our key languages. The plan is to start with the most important documents:

What is CureCoin?
How do I start folding for CureCoin?
How is the Currency divided up?
Link Titles in the Knowledge Base

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CureCoin World-Wide

By LasersHurt

In just the first few days of the website, we’re beginning to see interesting trends. I wanted to share something that stood out:

Map of Hits by Country
A Map showing unique website hits, by Country (click to enlarge)
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Update 5/21

This is a short update just to let everyone know that things are moving behind the scenes.

To begin with, our website has launched (obviously!) and content will continue to grow and change as we work to accomodate all Team CureCoin folders. Additional Knowledge Base Articles will pop up over time as user issues arise, and more helpful guides may be created.

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Public Ledger of Pre-mined Coins

This is the full ledger of pre-mined coins, including transaction IDs (txid) and addresses. This accounts for funds controlled and released by CureCoin.

Public Ledger

New Logo Voting

The community has put out a bounty for a new logo (300 CureCoin!) and now it’s time to vote. Review all of the entries below, then vote for your favorite! You can vote once per day, and voting ends on June 3rd at midnight, Eastern US time.

Keep Current Logo


Thom – Round Coin

A Round Coin design by Thom

Thom – Hex Coin

A Hex Coin Design by Thom

Thom – Winged Hex Coin

Thom – Winged Round Coin

Thom – Black and White

Thom – Round Silhouette Coin

Thom – Hex Silhouette Coin

Liutiaoming1 – Cloud

Liutiaoming1 – DNA Man

Liutiaoming1 – Pink

SomeRelax – Coin

SomeRelax – Symbol Only

Swift42 – Caduceus

Swift42 – Rod of Asclepius


durnkenWiz – Heart

durnkenWiz – Caduceus

mmihail – Coin

mmihail – Colors

mmihail – Colors 2

mmihail – Silver Caduceus

mmihail – Silver Rod of Asclepius

MyMenace – Coin

MyMenace – Bear

Link to Display and Web Mockup


See360 – Ribbon

See360 – Rx

Logo video demo


Dark Version